Sunday, January 29, 2012

Come on, February!

January is coming to an end, and I have no complaints concerning what I have accomplished this month. I took five quilts to Carol ( on Friday...

and picked up three. Consequently, I will be spending much of my time binding.

Saturday, I was able to spend some time sewing with a friend. We started talking about our unfinished projects. I happened to be at my machine, and behind me are several boxes full of things I haven't completed. I opened one and started pulling out blocks: five for one quilt, five for another, a quilt applique project, on and on. I opened another: paper-pieced project all cut out, and another, and another. I can't put words to the feeling I had as I kept discovering more and more....sort of angry, sick, disgusted. I called my 83 year old mother.

"Mom? You know those zillion projects that you have tucked in every space in your house that you're working through every day? (She laughs) This is the part of you that I inherited that I really don't like!" (She laughs harder) She responds giggling, "There's probably a lot more that you got from me that you don't like!" We both cracked up. In many ways we are very alike.

One project I have been toying with is a potential quilt I would call "Retro Razzle!" The colors remind me of when kitchen appliances became available in lime green, pumpkin orange, and cinnamon red. A blast to the past! I have no idea right now what will become of these twelve 18" squares but I'm excited to find out.

So with February around the corner, I made my list. I know that I will only finish a few and make a dent in some, but I'm ready for "Month Two" in my resolution countdown. I decided that I will put a check next to each one for each day that I invest any time on it, then cross it out and doodle happily if I complete it. We'll see what the list looks like in 28 days....haha...sounds like rehab :)


Ann Babillis said...

I look at those pictures and get so curious to see what's inside those bags of quilt tops you sent off. Looking forward to that posting!

Zurn said...

Ann, pictures of the five quilts that I took to Carol are all on the blog: two transparency quilts, two Amy Butler quilts, and the star quilt that used to be hanging in the shop. After I bind the three that I picked up, I'll photograph them and share.

Masha Novoselova said...

Zurn, I start reading your blog from the very begining :) so, I hope learn more about you and, in the same time, I improve my English :) I love to read your posts! I love your language.
and, that "retro-puzzle" blocks are wonderful!!
hugs, Masha