Sunday, February 05, 2012

Saturday mornings...

Friday nights, as I crawl into bed exhausted from the week, I smile knowing that tomorrow morning I can sleep in. There are no alarms, no school to oversee, and no place to rush to. I can wake up when my body tells me I've had enough. I can roll over, grab my book, put on my glasses, and read. Saturday and Sunday mornings are like this. I love them!

Yesterday morning, I was in bed reading when my 25 year old son came up the stairs and asked if he could bring breakfast to me. Shock??? I said I'd come down and join him in the kitchen. This is what he served me...

It's hard to explain how special this was. He said it was nothing compared to all the meals I have prepared for him. Ok, moms, you can all go "awwwww..." I do have great kids. We all have our problems, our ups and downs, but I must say that I am really blessed with eleven wonderful children.

After breakfast, I spent the day working on the Marcia Derse quilt. I move back and forth between sewing and ironing. For some reason, my sweet Mr. Darcy finds it comfortable to sleep under my craft/ironing table. All, day, he keeps me company. He is one of those companions that follows me everywhere. When I move, he is at my heals. When I work, he is never far from me.

By eleven o'clock last night, the quilt was done. I was tired but satisfied, and I knew that Sunday was another wonderful morning when I didn't have to face the day until I really wanted to.

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Indigene Theresa said...

You do have amazing children! :) This was such a wonderful post and it made me miss you and your wonderful cozy home! :)