Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Teaching has its ups and downs, for sure. There are days when everyone is struggling with something. Frustration fills the air. Other days, everyone seems to be floating along, no bumps, smooth sailing. Then there are those magnificent days when "a light goes on." Something that had eluded a student all of a sudden makes sense. They got it! Wednesday night was one of those classes. I was happy. They were happy. Yay!

This was the "half-way" class. Twelve blocks in all....six done. So, we had wine and cookies...chocolate, of course, in celebration. The women in my class gave me permission to photograph the blocks they have completed. Some didn't have all their blocks with them. Here's the show and tell...






Sometimes, when I go into my closet where I store my stash, I feel like a child, closing my eyes, reaching into a bag, and pulling out a surprise. Sometimes, it's like playing "eeny, meeny, miny, moe." So much fun! After I had completed the Amy Butler quilts (two twins and a baby quilt), I decided to pull something out of my stash to work on. Here's what I chose.

The collection is from Marcus Fabrics and is called "Metro Goes Au Naturel," designed by Michele D'Amore. 

I love to have a new project going on from my stash along with working on an unfinished project. It keeps me excited about what I'm doing...keeps me engaged in life!


Indigene Theresa said...

I have loved those magical teaching moments! I love your amazing fabric stash! Now, when can a girl have a play date! :)

Ann Babillis said...

Your students are so talented! I'm looking forward to my paper piecing lesson, as soon as the middle school play is over, in March.