Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Rilke wrote....

"If we imagine our being as a room of any size, it seems that most of us know only a single corner of that room, a spot by the window, a narrow strip on which we keep walking back and forth. That gives a kind of security. But isn't insecurity with all its dangers so much more human?

We are not prisoners of that room."

I read this over a week ago, and it keeps pulling me back to it. I have reread this many times thinking about the room of my soul, especially how this idea relates to my art. I know the truth of this concerning my soul, only knowing a portion, a safe portion. I also know this is certain concerning my art, keeping in a safe corner, feeling insecurities that prevent me from branching out, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries. I don't want to be a prisoner. The first steps of freedom are difficult. Often we run back to what we have known.

I have finished all the squares for the brown star quilt. The block for July was the most difficult for me. My first attempt was a mess. I ripped part of it out four times before I gave up and decided to simply start from scratch.

I am not totally pleased with my second attempt, but I'm going to let it be.

Here is the final block for August. This class will be a celebration. Four women who have stuck through this for a year. Amazing!

The final quilt will be a replica of the "What Star Are You From?" quilt. I might play around with a different border.

So, next I will make six of those tiny stars, put together the sashings, and assemble the top. I can barely wait to get it done!

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