Friday, March 23, 2012

The Three Bears...

On March 14th, I purchased six yards of the "Cosmos" fabric, a yard of each color. Then I bought three yards of a white on white for the background. I chose the Bow Tie block as my first quilt and went to work. For some reason, as I completed these three quilts, I kept thinking of the story of The Three Bears. So, the first quilt is called  the "Papa Bear Bow Tie," and it measures 72" x 92".

I set each block in 1 1/2" sashing...

and added a nice size border of my favorite fabric in the group.

I had sixteen blocks left over, so I put together the "Mama Bear Bow Tie" quilt. I left out the sashing between the four center blocks and machine appliqued a circle in the middle.

I used most of those bonus squares (half square triangles) in the border. This quilt is 49" x 49".

I had a decent size chunk of each fabric left, so I put together a "Baby Bear Diamond" quilt that measures 37 1/2" x 45".

It is framed nicely with the darkest fabric...again bordered with my favorite.

All that accomplished, and I still have a bag of "leftovers." I love these bags full of rainy day possibilities.


Dani said...

Gosh - these are so fun!

Rebeckah Austin said...

How lovely!