Monday, April 16, 2012

In the end zone...

I broke down and turned on the air conditioner today. Seriously? It's only mid-April. I certainly hope this is not any indication of what the summer heat will be like. Despite the temperature, it's great to shed the coats and be comfortable in sweats and a tee shirt. It just makes me all the more ready to work...sunshine and a cup of coffee is a magical combination.

I finally finished all the squares for the Reflections quilt. Then, I roped my son into tearing the paper off the backs of all 64 of them. Now, it's time to decide on the layout and start putting this one together.

Last night, I got to participate in a class for the Orange Peel block. I had a lot of fabric left over from my ribbon quilt, so I'm sticking with the yellow/orange/red/purple with gray color palette. Quilting classes can be a riot. Listening to all the varied conversations, range of topics, and the general tenor is so much fun. During the evening, one woman was talking about what she would do if she won the lottery. I can't quote her word for word, but it went something like this....."I'd hire someone to cut out all these pieces..." Someone responded, "Oh, hire a quilting assistant?" Then she said, "And I hate binding more than anything!"

This conversation morphed into a discussion about borders. Many of us are so spent once the general quilt top is completed that we don't want to spend time on some elaborate border. We just want it done. Then, after the quilting...yet another step. Well, I can certainly understand not liking to bind a quilt. There is no question that it is monotonous and tedious. I have found that it is a perfect opportunity to put on a great movie... one that I've seen many times already so that I don't even have to look up from my work in order to enjoy it. 

All that said, I have just gotten six quilts back...four are ready to bind and two need to have the binding made and sewn on. This feels like being in the end zone.

Tonight, I begin. I don't know what movie I will pick. If my children have a say in it, I will probably be listening to old episodes of Doctor Who, Merlin, White Collar, or Downton Abbey.

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Indigene Theresa said...

I vote for Downtown Abbey!!! :) They look so beautiful! All that lush fabric and colors! :) :)