Saturday, April 28, 2012


Is it really almost May? Not only does it feel like this year is going a hundred miles an hour, but I'm headed towards my most dreaded time of the year....the end of school. This means getting the kids to finish all their work which is a chore when they certainly have spring fever. Then, there's the process of getting the portfolios ready for the district, scheduling evaluations, and even planning summer courses and next years curriculum. Ugh! Bring it on...

I'm steadily plowing through the morning glory quilt that I chose to make with my new stash pick. I hope to do some embroidery work in the center of each flower. We'll see how that goes. I'm thinking that I should make one extra flower just so I have a practice piece. 

The center is done and half of the outer flowers.

The red and white New York Beauty is finished. I don't know why every time I look at this I think of a 50's apron. Makes me smile :)

This was really a fun project.

Now, I'm off to Cloth and Bobbin to deliver it. Can I get out of that adorable shop without buying something? Oh....I think I'm hopeless when it comes to fabric, pattern, texture, and color.....absolutely hopeless!


kris said...

mom... i want that new york beauty quilt! haha. love love LOVE it.

Ann Babillis said...

Aw, I love the red and white quilt! Now I have to make one. The fabrics you chose for the morning glory block add such dimension. Good choice.