Sunday, April 08, 2012

More ribbons!

A friend's daughter is getting married this summer at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. So, my friend decided to decorate this "cavernous room" with quilts. She planned to create quilts for two sets of grandparents, two sets of parents, and other relatives, all king size. I actually forget how many quilts in all in this crazy undertaking. The bride has no idea that this taking place behind the scenes. It will be a complete surprise!

This past Tuesday, several woman got together at the Cloth and Bobbin to help this process along. One was ironing, one or two were cutting, and several were sewing. My friend has taken one of my paper-piecing classes and had made a yellow and blue star. She pulled it out and said, "I'd like to do something with this." Well I had been aching to do another ribbon quilt and she had a stack of fabric to go with the star, so I came home with this...

and started making ribbon panels. This is how far I've gotten. I'm not sure what the draw is to these quilts, but the process is quite meditative. The sewing part requires little thought....just long, endless, straight lines.

I managed to complete another set of blocks for the Reflections quilt. I now have 48 set of 16 to go. Then I can begin to assemble it. Very excited!


Masha Novoselova said...

great idea!!! and, too much work! :)
but I thing this work should give a pleasure!

Indigene Theresa said...

Oh my goodness! It will be amazing, that's one very lucky bride!!! :)