Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sunshine Boy :)

I honestly didn't think that I would enjoy being a grandparent. Still raising the last of my eleven children, I believed that I wouldn't get excited about another little one. Well, I should have known better. I love children and always have. My one overarching desire in life was to be a mom.....and a grandmother is just a beautiful extension of that.

I have one grandson. Unfortunately, he lives on the other side of the country, but thanks to Shutterfly and Skype, I can keep up with all the new adorable stages that he goes through. His mom is one of my oldest, a twin. While she was visiting her brother in Chicago, this picture was taken of Silas on the quilt I made for his uncle. He is now officially "Sunshine Boy!"

Before he was born, my daughter and I chose fabric and discussed designs for a baby quilt. Mom and husband both love the ocean and live on the Pacific coast. Dad is a surfer, as well. So the inspiration came from sand, sea, shells, and ocean sunsets.

Silas will be a year old this summer. It's hard to believe. I sit in front of the computer viewing each new picture or video with swells of emotion. He is often my desktop picture...and I long for each visit, all too far apart. I'm hoping that someday they all live closer to me.

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