Thursday, June 07, 2012

For the love of fussy cutting...

I have never been really crazy about fussy cutting. I guess I generally stay away from patterns that would call for it. However, when I began choosing fabric for my little medicine men, I was amazed at how I could cut the pieces for this pattern. When I put one fabric up to the body, I realized that it looked exactly like the musculature of the torso. There were the pecs, the abs, and even the quadriceps. It made me giggle. How perfect could that be? Then another fabric had these goofy circles and dots that were perfect for the face.

So, here are my four silly guys lined up in a row. I plan to set them around the center of the Aboriginal quilt (wall hanging).

Next, I will plan the border. When I purchased the fabric for this piece, I couldn't quite imagine the outcome. I am absolutely loving the colors, loving the patterns, and loving the way it is all coming together.

Sometimes, when we're creating......we get wonderful surprises!

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Indigene Theresa said...

Oh, I want this one! It is wonderfully cool! :)