Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Trip Around the World

I love the fact that, in spite of the excessive heat in which I wither, my flowers continue to perservere and show their beautiful faces. This is my Purple Ice Plant... a flowering, succulent, perenial from South Africa. The petals open during the day and close at night. The foliage of this plant is so soft, I often kneel down and run my hands over it as I'm walking by.

When I completed the first Trip Around the World quilt
from Eleanor Burns' book, Quick Trip Quilts, it was so fast and easy that I decided to make two more. The one I'm working on now is purple, grey, teal, and pale blue.

Had to sneak in a picture of my gladiolas :)

Here is another Trip Around the World surrounded by Kaffe Fassett feathers.

 I have been very busy lately. I guess that's nothing new. I've been helping with the Shop Hop quilt, a collaborative effort between Johanna, Linda, Stella, and me. We're definitely making progress. 
Also, for all those homeschoolers, I've been assembling portfolios and preparing for the next academic year.
Oh, and planning my trip to Belgium next week???
for my son's wedding???
Am I excited?


Indigene said...

You're a whirlwind of beauty and creativity! :)

Masha Novoselova said...

Dear Zurn, your flowers are so beautiful!
I tried to sew the quilt like yours, but very small :) it was really very easy and fast, but I have only one side of it now :) and should repeat all the process from the very beginning :)
As usual - first do, then think :)
Hugs and love for you!

Anonymous said...

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