Sunday, July 08, 2012

Silk Tie Crazy Quilt

The Silk Tie Crazy Quilt is done!
I was chastised by a friend yesterday for not getting the back story on this quilt. I know almost nothing about who or what, I was simply asked to do it. 
Here are some of the blocks...

The walls in my studio are peach, so when I photograph in here the colors get weird. Hindsight, you know? I should have painted the walls cream or something more neutral. The reds in this quilt became more magenta. They are truly a deep red.

The colors in this photo seem more true.

And here is the finished top. Now, I was told that there needed to be a strip of 2" squares across the top and bottom. I believe that this is to be a  replica of another quilt.

Have a wonderful day!


Indigene said...

It is absolutely stunning! Did I chastised you yesterday? Lol! I didn't mean to...I'm just so curious about the story of a tie quilt! These pictures, cannot convey the beauty of your work and the richness of the colors. It certainly is a beauty of its own. :)

Masha Novoselova said...

Dear Zurn, this is fantastis work you have done! I think it's not so easy to deal with such kind of fabrics!

Ann Babillis said...

Amazing, perfection. What kind of needle and thread did you use?