Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blues and Browns....

I recently finished another sample for the store from Norman Wyatt Jr.'s newest collection for P & B Textiles called "Earthtones/Art in Motion." The pattern is another from Maple Island Quilts called "Show Off." How appropriate! Great pattern to showcase fabrics with bold large prints.

When I was done, I texted this to a friend: "I finished the pb textile quilt last night...i think i'm in love"
Later, I was thinking about that text and thought that the "being in love" comment was pretty stupid. Believe it or not, I spent a lot of time thinking about why I said that....what I meant by it, etc. Eventually, the ruminating paid off, and I made sense of it in my own head.

What I realized was that I interact with color in much the same way that I interact with people. Sometimes, I want to go out with friends who are a bit riotous, fun loving, and full of laughter. Other times, I want to sit with a friend, have coffee, and talk about a serious way.  During particular events in my life, I choose to surround myself with certain people. I'm the same with color.

What I discovered about the text to my friend was that I have been surrounding myself with blues and browns these days. Looking back, I have had periods where I chose to work with crazy vibrant colors, but right now I find myself gravitating and responding to muted earth tones. There is a reason for this....I think.

This is the block that I am working on for Sharon B's online class "Encrusted Crazy Quilting." Blues and browns again...

So I think that I'm loving my life right now because all the crazy stuff that was going on recently has finally stopped. I feel a wonderful sense of calm and stability. These colors are expressing what I'm feeling. That explains my text. 

Right now, these are, in fact, the colors that I am in love with. They are the colors I am choosing to surround myself with. These are the colors that I am breathing into and giving a new mine.

Go and fall in love with some color. Make a quilt with it, paint with it, stitch with it....surround yourself with it...go ahead! Enjoy :)


Grace said...

I've seen that leaf fabric somewhere. . . .
I love your crazy quilt blocks! Makes me want to make one! So true about gravitating toward different colors depending on one's mood and circumstances.

Indigene said...

I love the 3-D embellishments on this quilt! It's funny how one artist will view color as oppose to another. I love bold vibrant colors because it brings me out of my blues/browns where I am all the time, but don't necessarily want to be. Hmmm...we must talk about this more. Beautiful quilt, wonderful post and I adore that hammock! :)

Masha Novoselova said...

Dear Zurn, I love your big quilt! and colors of fabrics.
yes, you're right, the sence of colors is in correspondense with our feelings (for it's so).. one day I love red and another day I can't understand why I loved it :)
I had a very long period when I could not place together blue and brown :)
I think it's something on my mind. definitely :)

Anonymous said...

You do fabulous projects with our patterns - Debbie from Maple Island Quilts!