Friday, September 07, 2012


I'm sitting on my porch with my Yorkie, Mr. Darcy, by my side thinking about these past eight months and this blog. Two-thirds of the year have passed. My profile says that I have been a blogger since 2005. I did start "Spilling Energy" back then but only for a very short while, and it had nothing to do with quilting. It sat fallow for six years. This blog was started the last day of December 2011. By definition, I am totally a newbie.
My original intent was to reach a personal goal. I needed some motivating force to help me finish the myriad of projects that sit unfinished in my closet, in drawers, and on my shelves. I believed that blogging about my progress would do the trick. Here I am with more unfinished projects than I started with. Now, if I was so inclined, I could consider this a failure. However, I am choosing to put a different spin on it.
I am having so much fun! 
I'm meeting people, making new friends, learning new things, and writing about it here. What more do I really want? Do I care about the number of followers or daily views? No. Do I really care about all those projects that I have yet to complete? No. My children can have a blast discovering, when I'm gone, all the things I set my hands to. It really matters little that some of them will remain unfinished. Every cut and every stitch was the beginning of something new, and I love new beginnings.

This month, for my block swap, I was asked to make a log cabin block in creams and purples. Well, everyone knows that my favorite color is purple, and who doesn't love the versatility of that pattern. So I made one for my partner and six for myself . Ok, so maybe that's the beginning of yet another unfinished project, but I couldn't help it. When you're making one, it's not a big step to make seven.

Now that the body of the Millennium Compass quilt is done, it was time to tackle the final border. So, there are sixteen colors I used for the rainbow spread, twenty-two pieces needed for each, which, when you do the math comes out to 352 pieces. Then add to that the background pieces...well, just saying, it was a lot of cutting!

Then it was time to organize each set on the appropriate template in the right order. Must admit that I didn't get it right the first time.

Two sets done and two to go. Corner blocks next. Then on the quilt they go.
Have a wonderful weekend and have fun!


Indigene said...

I just love coming here, because I know that the pictures of all these juicy colors of fabric will just make me want to hop, skip and jump! :) :)

Masha Novoselova said...

When you're making one, it's not a big step to make seven.

- I'll add this your phrase to my memories :)
yes, you're right, and I think the same :)
I love to see your process!