Thursday, December 06, 2012


So December is here, and I am already reflecting on many things: 
all that has transpired this year, how I want to do things differently next year,
and those dreaded New Year's resolutions that I am so tempted to make
even though they slip away so easily.
I'm absolutely sure that I have more unfinished projects now than I did at this time last year despite my resolution to do the opposite. Before the end of this year, hopefully before the holiday crazies set in,
I am going to finish this quilt. 
Great earthy Kaffe fabrics and wonderful dark chocolate paisley background.

I've already planned some projects for next year.
I am participating in the CQJP 2013.
This is the set of fabric I picked for the first few blocks. I really like choosing at least one
fabric with a bold design that I can mimic in my stitching. This palette is 
cheerful and will brighten up the coming cold winter days.

                       A dear friend and I, although we live on opposite sides of the ocean, have decided to each 
                                                                             make this quilt in 2013.

I think I have finally landed on my first color palette. As of this moment, I have
absolutely no idea what my second one will be...
any ideas?
Feel free to chime in.

Don't forget that there is only a week and a half before we draw the winner of the quilt donated to raise money for BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) research. 
Because this is a very personal issue for me, it is not so much about the quilt but about raising money to help find a desperately needed  cure. Nathaniel was diagnosed at age eleven and took his own life in his early twenties.

"Phillips & Menard (2006) found the completed-suicide rate in patients with BDD to be 45 times higher than that of the general United States population. This rate is more than double that of those with clinical depression and three times as high as that of those with bipolar disorder. Suicidal ideation is also found in around 80% of people with BDD."

I can't even begin, not even for a second, to conceive of the pain of losing a child, let alone the pain that Nathaniel endured during his short life. I continue to hope that people's hearts will be moved to donate at

You can see more pictures of the quilt here...

I am so very grateful to all who have supported my endeavors to help!


Masha Novoselova said...

dear Zurn, your fabric sets both are brilliant! maybe for JB quilt you will take a blue-violet as a second color? I think it would be very beautiful combination!

Marjolein said...

Wow, lovely fabrics!