Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP - Wednesday

Well, I am making slow and steady progress on this first Autumn Project block that I received. I feel as if I am almost there.
A few more stitches and I'll be done this one.

I am so excited to now have my list of five people
who will be recipients of a surprise gift from me in 2013.

5.  Iris

I'm going to be spending some time on each blog, getting to know all of you better, and trying to make my gifts to you  as personal as I can. Now, to get to work!

I have also received my first two completed blocks back from the Autumn Project. Such fun! These blocks started here in my home and have been around the world making their way back to me.
This block was embellished by Masha...
Thank you, Masha. It is so beautiful!

And this block was embellished by Natasha.
Thank you, Natasha. Your work is lovely!

Stay tuned! A giveaway is coming up in the next blog post...


Tina Benson said...

Yay ! I am so excited ! Its like Christmas, only you don't know what day its going to be !! oh goodness I love a good suspense , it makes the surprise so much fun ! I am looking forward to doing this myself as well !

Masha Novoselova said...

wonderful collection, Zurn!!!
I love how they will look together... your Autumn blocks I mean :)
with love..