Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pillows and Cartwheels

I am lovin' this weather. Very hard to stay inside these days. The earth is waking up, 
however, I need to decide on some summer class ideas. 
Time for another round of intro to paper-piecing, so I put together a simple pillow
using the "card trick" block showcasing Robert Kaufman's
fabric, "Effervescence."

These pillows were just the result of play time....

and, as you can see, the weather has been nice enough for me to bring out the hammock.

For a more intermediate paper-piecing class, I began working on a piece from Judy Mathieson's book, Mariner's Compass Quilts. I chose an 18 point Cartwheel....

with middle and center stars. I'm using a variety of batiks from my stash.

Please don't forget that tomorrow I will announce the


Quiltsmiles said...

Your 18 point batik cartwheel is stunning. Beautifully done! Jane

Queeniepatch said...

Those cushions are just perfect for the hammock. Wishing you lots of 'hammocky' weather days to come.
The compasses are awesome!

This Dog's Mom said...

I love that effervescence fabric. What a great way to showcase it!