Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Phoenix

So here I was with three circles ready to assemble. Although I could have chosen to inset the circles, I decided to applique each one, starting with the center and working my way out.
I knew I would have more control over the 18 points if I did it this way.
When the cartwheels were finished, I started thinking about background fabric. 
This one was a possibility but...

you know how it is....I just couldn't live with it. I ended up with a fabric that I had initially
thought I wanted, and I was happy.

Then, I set out to choose a border. I designed a paper-pieced border, sixteen pieces, and sewed them all.
When I put the pieces next to the quilt, I was horrified. What was I thinking???? 
It was terrible!
I couldn't waste the time I had spent putting the border pieces together, so I arranged them, 
appliqued several circles onto it, quilted it, and.......
there you go!
I'm calling it "Throwing Stones."

When that relative fiasco was over, I decided that this quilt truly needed something very simple to surround it. 
I choose fabric that would pull out the three central colors and finished it.
The Phoenix is done!

Now, off to Barbara Persing for quilting. Yay!!


Masha Novoselova said...

Dear Zurn, this is a perfect piece! Your Phoenix. And your choice of background and border is absolutely right! And, that "accidentally" piece "Throwing Stones" is very interesting itself!! Never could say that it's just border :) and I love circles. Both yellow and stitched! Congratulations!! :)

Ann Babillis said...

Perfect background for the Phoenix star. It extends the center's circular motion. It will be good to see how Barb Persing will quilt it! Did you do the circular quilting on the border quilt? Very nice!

Iris deV said...

Dear Zurn,
This is so beautiful, I am totally in love! Very appropriately named with the wheel turning. I am always happy to see your blog posts (which reminds me that I have been neglecting my blog quite shamefully). I hope you are well xx