Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning Something New...

We've all heard the expression, "You learn something new every day." 
This year, with much hesitation, I joined the Purple Swap in the Fibre Fever Group. After joining, I actually tried to get out of it, but one of the members convinced me to give it a try. Monthly, the group swaps 6" fiber art pages. I had NEVER made an art card or page....ever! Each person in the group chooses a theme for the pages they will receive.

The person I was to make a page for this month was Anne in Germany. Her theme was "My Favorite Book." Being an avid reader, choosing one favorite book was almost impossible. How could I possibly choose one? After much deliberation, I chose Paulo Coehlo's book, The Alchemist. The decision was made simply because it is the only book that I have read three times.
For inspiration, I searched the internet for images of The Alchemist. When I saw this, the composition and colors grabbed me. 
Thank you, Kurt Hirsch (RekTruk) whose work can be seen on

Here is my translation into fiber. I began by choosing several batiks. I used PaintStiks to achieve the look of stones or mounds in the sand and the halo around the moon. The moon is an appliqued circle surrounded by beads. I finished it off with some French Knots around his turban and machine stitching on his cape for detail.

The theme I chose is "Driven to Abstraction."  My first thoughts were of my love of abstract art. I wondered if I could come up with some catchy wording for my theme. Driven to Abstraction.....I liked it. 
When I received my first page from Maureen in Australia, I giggled at the idea of a person that had been driven to abstraction. How appropriate, however unintended, for a single mother of eleven.
After its arrival, I studied it for a while, and, honestly, it just made me laugh. 
How often have I felt like this picture?
Maureen could not have encapsulated this idea more appropriately!

I'm looking forward to next month. The theme I must work on is "Steampunk." 
This ought to be fun!


Indigene Theresa Gaskin said...

Oh my I love what you did and I love that book too! I think you really captured the essence of the book.

Annet said...

Your page for Anne is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you made it.